Seafile crashes when downloading files

So while using the seafile client and I click on an item either a jpeg, png, zip, rar file it will start downloading like normal and I can access it. When I try to select a list of items even if it is just 1 thing no matter the file type the entire app crashes instantly. I have reported the issue when the app crashes idk if anyone here has the power to pull it up or if there is a log on the android device that I can post here for someone to check out. I’ve never experienced this before at least not like this.

Things that i have tried to solve my issue.
Cleared Cach, Cleared Data, Uninstalled app and deleted all files associated with it then reinstalled it, Reinstalled Server. Sadly the error still persists.

Edit: Each file I am downloading dose not exceed over 250 Kb.

What client do you encounter issues with? There are - depending on the way you count - between 3 and many.

I guess you are talking about the Android app, is this correct?

Yeah, it’s the Android device. This has never happened before. I’ve had something similar but never like this. Use to I would select what I wanted and hit download and it loads for about 2 minutes then finally starts the download but now it just crashes. This didn’t start like this until i updated it to the newest version. Last night I gave in and backed up everything deleted the entire server and redownloaded it and installed it. Tho it still does the same thing.

Edit: I don’t have this issue when on the windows client. But if I switch accounts it crashes. After I start it back up it loads the account i swapped to and it will do it again if i swap again.

I downgraded to the android client version 2.2.18 and now it downloads without crashing. So it’s the newest 2.2.20 version that is acting up.