Seafile-Data storage seems too big

Hi there,

i have a vps with running seafile with docker and 320GB storage. I ran docker exec seafile /scripts/ .The seafile-data folder is still 215GB big. (inside the seafile-data folder it’s the storage/blocks folder that is this big). On my web admin panel it’s says storage is 75.7GB.

Is this alright? :slight_smile:
(I want to clean up the storage so that i don’t run full the next weeks.)

Does anybody has a clue, why the seafile-data is so big? Even with changed and deleted files (i keep file versions for 30days) it should be around 140gb i think.

Not an expert but there are some things to check:

  • you may have a deleted library which is still preserved for 30 days - can be checked in admin panel
  • the sector size may be the culprit if you have the massive amount of super small files, so the OS will report disk size much bigger than file size
  • maybe your changes history is bigger than you expect? - by default it has no date time limit I think, you could manually purge the trash cans and set the history for more reasonable values, eg 60 days - whatever matters to you
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