SeaFile Database CleanUp

Good day all,

We have a SeaFile server running on CentOS 7.

We are facing a problem with our root partition /dev/mapper/centos-root which is low on disk space. Our SeaFile DB is on that partition. We have archived roughly 40GB of Libraries within SeaFile application and deleted them.

I can see that the space used in the admin section has gone down by the 40GB. However the problem is that it is not reflecting the same in the partition. When running a df- h command I still sit with the space used.

I have restarted the SeaFile service and rebooted the server, the data still reflects in CentOS.

Any suggestions as to how I can remove those files from the SQL DB?

Thanks in advance


sure that this is the SQL DB?
I would think your seafile-data directory is the ‘issue’. Data is not instantly deleted from the file system when it is removed from a library. The garbage collector will delete the unused data.
Have a look at

Or if your library has an active history you may need to remove the history data within the webinterface.

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Don’t believe that the DB is the problem, but there is a script for this, too. Try first.