Seafile delete my files! how can i recover them? please any help

I have the community edition, and install the client on a PC after a while it shows some error, (I have it in spanish) but the error was something like: ‘a folder that might contain files not yet uploaded is moved to the seafile-recycle-bin folder’ now a bunch of files and folders are no longen on the pc or server… any help what can I do?? i’m a lot worried…

I found a recycle-bin on a seafile folder on the PC-windows but the information is not there, either on windows recycle bin, any idea other paths to look at?

Found a seafile-data folder hidden on that seafile on PC-windows with some file structure not readables (like the ones are stored on server side) could be there? any way to extract the files?

Have a look at the recycle bin in the web interface of seafile. Each library has its own recycle bin. It’s a “recycle” icon (triangle of arrows) on the top right of the web interface when you have opened a library.

thank you for your time, yes, I already check that option, but it’s empty. I didn’t expect that the sync client could delete info, I will continue searching for answers and appreciate your help. Greetings

check libraries history. Modification History [
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Usually in this situation the files can be found in the recycle-bin folder in the seafile folder. Can you check your seafile.log on the client to find any error messages related to this?