Seafile disable email registration for users

Hello Folk

my name is Sandra Müller and I am from Germany.

I have already installed seafile server(6.2.3) on my raspberry pi 3 with rasbian stretch.

It works great but I want to create many users for different tasks e.g. user music just for a music account or movies just for a film account but I DO NOT WANT TO create many different email adresss therefore

So how can I disable email registration for subusers therefore I will just need a user name and a password.

In owncloud it was possible but I want use seafile and could not find information onlne.

Can someone help me?

Thank you very much
Sandra Müller:heart_eyes:

Currently the email is the user ID at the same time. Depending on your mail provider you could use mail aliases.

For Gmail you can add +everythingyouwant before the @ sign. Eg. your mail is but you also receive mail for and

Yes I know this point, but I think your solution would be a security problem lets say indeed somebody in real life has actually the email adress and when i change something in the system or when i configure some settings and thereby I forget to disable email notification or password sending etc. I would not like the idea that somebody get my information.

I am really interessted wheater there is a smart solution without example email accounts?

Thank you
Any Ideas?
Sandra Müller

You should not use, of course. But what I described above is valid vor all Gmail accounts.

So this means I HAVE TO create at least 3 accounts of email for 3 users…??


with the parameter “SEND_EMAIL_ON_ADDING_SYSTEM_MEMBER” in the you can disable the mail notifaction for new user.

Please see check the manual

I have some accounts with email adress that not exist