Seafile docker fails to start on arm, documentation lacking

I was following the official documentation for “Deploy Seafile-pro with Docker“ on arm64 cloud like I did on my previous x86_64 machine.

Everything went fine and all images were downloaded, but on checking seafile container logs

standard_init_linux.go:219: exec user process caused: exec format error

It is only then I checked the seafile image info using docker image inspect <image id>, that I found the image is of amd architecture.

I have 2 requests

  1. The official documentation for installation of professional edition should include that arm64 is not supported yet.
  2. ARM64 docker image seems to be available for CE, so why not for professional version? Will it be released soon?
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+1 from me. It took a while until I realized, that the architecture is the problem. Guesss I’ll have to stick with the ce version for now.

It would be awesome if the pro edition would be released for arm64 :slight_smile: