Seafile docker not running on reboot

I’ve gone through these instructions:

Seafile Professional Installation - Seafile Admin Manual

And they work except after rebooting, Seafile isn’t running. There are various posts on this subject here but conflicting advise. Some say add “restart: unless-stopped” under every service in the composer file. Some say not and to use a service?

So a) why doesn’t it mention this in the instructions and b) what’s the correct/recommended method?

Later… okay adding restart: unless-stopped under each service in the composer file appears to work. I had to re-run docker compose up -d for it to pick up the changes. I guess the running parameters for a docker are stored somewhere separate to the composer file?

But pretty sure this should be either in the downloaded composer file or mentioned in the documentation?

Did the command in the manual not work for you?

docker compose down
docker compose up -d

It worked perfectly for starting it the first time but not after a reboot.

What do you mean by reboot? Do you mean your operating system reboot?

Yes, when the OS starts up, the docker containers aren’t started. I had to add these lines to the composer yml file. My knowledge of Docker is limited - this is my first foray into using them so I could have missed something. It was also working in the lab late one night (do the mash):