Seafile Docker: why not latest version of mariadb and memcached?

I’m just wondering why the docker-compose.yml contains specific versions for mariadb (10.5) and memcached (1.6)?

Is there any risk to use always the latest docker of mariadb and memcached?

I want to bubble this topic up again.
With 10.0 beta being out now, are there newer versions of memcached and mariadb tested with this?

I actually went ahead and upgraded memcached to 1.6.18 and mariadb to 10.11.2.
No guarantee, but it seems to work well for me.
You need to upgrade the DB of course:

docker exec -i seafile-mysql mysql_upgrade -u{user} -p{password}

Thanks for volunteering (and reporting). I’d be interested in more reports by possibly more users for these specific versions.

Is there any particular reason you wanted to upgrade those dependencies?

yeah because there is a reason why there are updates. So i wanted to have the newest version, which has maybe less bugs.