Seafile doesn't synchronize

I have two computers with windows (7 and 10). On each, there is a folde C:\Users\VJM\Documents\Univ. Each is synchronized with its own seafile cloud image when modified. Meanwhile, the two folders are not synchronized on the computers…Do you have a clue to solve this problem ?


Just to confirm, did you change the name of the folders when installing SeaDrive? (As I have only currently seen Sea_root folders on Mac/Windows when installing?)

Actually, my folders C:\Users\VJM\Documents\Univ already existed before I installed seafile on my computer. Therefore, I added them as libraries on seafile wia the item “select a folder”

Finally, I have understood what was going wrong. In order to link and synchronize via a same seafile account two already existing folders F and F’ on two computers A and B, you have to synchronise the folder F of the computer A with a distant library L in the cloud and then on synchronize L with the already existing folder F of computer B. My mistake was to make a new library L’ with F’ and despite L and L’ went from folders with exactly the same name/path (but on different computers), seafile saw them as unlinked.
Note that I did not found this “how to” in the help file of seafile.
Note also that the latest issue of Seafile generates a 0xc0000005 error on W7. I have had to reinstall the 7.0.10 issue.