SeaFile doesn't work with Fail2Ban


Fail2Ban uses seahub.log to bannish IP. But seahub uses UTC time zone
and Fail2Ban the system time zone. When the system time zone is
different than UTC, especially in advance, Fail2Ban doesn’t care about
“old” alerts in seahub.log and so never bannish any IP.

To fix it, I try to add TIME_ZONE = 'Europe/Paris" in This doesn’t work. So, could you explain me how to
fix this bug (and definitively fix it in the next release) ?

Have a nice day.

It should work. Have you restarted seahub after changing that?

Sorry, I try again tonight and that’s work. I don’t understand why.

It’s possible to fix this in the next SeaFile release. It’s an important upgrade if you want that SeaFile works correctly with Fail2Ban.

Have a nice day.