Seafile domain name pointing problem

Hello Everyone

I have installed Seafile in my ubuntu server… everything works fine but i have little problem with domain name…
I have the domain name etc.etc . The seafile project runs great under the ip of server so how can i point my domain name to project… any tutorial? anybody for help?

Thxn anyway


i did it all of this manual but i take same result…

and images

I’m not sure I understand your issue, but you should remove the port number 8000 for the SERVICE_URL field in your ccnet.conf

no my friend… look i have the one domain ( for example:domain.tld) this domain point to ip

this ip is main ip of my server but after ubuntu and seafile installization i can not see seafile for my domain only for ip how can i see seafile from my domain domain.tld/accounts/login