Seafile drive client 0.9.5 is ready! Fix installation problem on Mac 10.13

Mac 10.13 has a strict permission system that prevent Seafile drive client to be installed. This release fix the problem. The full changelog:

  • Redirect to https if user accidentally input server’s address with http but the server is actually use http
  • [fix, Win] Show a tooltip that the Windows system maybe rebooted during upgrading drive client
  • [fix, Mac] Fix permission problems during installation on Mac 10.13+
  • [fix, Win] Fix support for some HTTPS CA
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Great to see the seadrive client evolving. But the Linux version is still at 0.8.5 (at least the one for CentOS). Any plan to update it ? Is it still maintained ?

I just downloaded from here but after installing, it shows version 0.9.4, not 0.9.5.

On my computer I had to stop avast, as it was quarantining installation files for a while, to check binaries it hasn’t seen before. Although scan was finally OK, installation was corrupted.

On the other hand, since I’m using SeaDrive (version 0.9.3) I don’t see content shared for me, but I can see content shared for a group (+ my libraries of course). I have RPi version of Seafile on Odroid HC2.

It will be updated too.

Is it possible to add this to the Sync Client too?

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