Seafile drive client 0.9.5 is ready! Fix installation problem on Mac 10.13


Mac 10.13 has a strict permission system that prevent Seafile drive client to be installed. This release fix the problem. The full changelog:

  • Redirect to https if user accidentally input server’s address with http but the server is actually use http
  • [fix, Win] Show a tooltip that the Windows system maybe rebooted during upgrading drive client
  • [fix, Mac] Fix permission problems during installation on Mac 10.13+
  • [fix, Win] Fix support for some HTTPS CA


Great to see the seadrive client evolving. But the Linux version is still at 0.8.5 (at least the one for CentOS). Any plan to update it ? Is it still maintained ?


I just downloaded from here but after installing, it shows version 0.9.4, not 0.9.5.


On my computer I had to stop avast, as it was quarantining installation files for a while, to check binaries it hasn’t seen before. Although scan was finally OK, installation was corrupted.

On the other hand, since I’m using SeaDrive (version 0.9.3) I don’t see content shared for me, but I can see content shared for a group (+ my libraries of course). I have RPi version of Seafile on Odroid HC2.


It will be updated too.


Is it possible to add this to the Sync Client too?