Seafile drive client 1.0.0 is ready!

And I got another bug.

If you have SeaDrive alongside Seafile client on windows, and disable explorer extension in client and not in SeaDrive, it disapear from file context menu. When you enable it in client there apear SeaDrive menu. How the hell can Seafile client control SeaDrive context menu?

Seafile and SeaDrive client use the same explorer extension to bypass Windows limitation. From your description, there should be a bug for the extension to detect which menu it should show. Can you try close both clients and restart again?

What error do you get in Windows explorer? The errors in the log indicate that it’s because SeaDrive doesn’t support setting folders to hidden. I cannot see other errors. Are the folders and files copied at last?

Yes, we tried restart SeaDrive multiple times, same as whole machine.

I don’t know what you mean. “Don’t show hidden folders and files” settings? or what?

And this mean what? We just grab multiple files from disk C:/ a move/copy it to some folder in S:/.

Uninstall any old versions of “Dokan” and Seafile Drive, then it should work.

I mean in the virtual drive, it’s not supported to set a folder to “hidden”, which may be used by some applications. But I’m not sure whether this behavior will cause the copy operation to fail.

Is there any way to run on windows 10, with command line?

You can run it in a similar way as for Linux command line. Just replace the seadrive command with its full path on Windows.

Note that the “-f” options is not necessary and unsupported on Windows. So you just run seadrive like:

seadrive -c ~/seadrive.conf -d data-directory [-l logfile] S