Seafile drive client 1.0.0 is ready!

We are glad to announce that Seafile drive client 1.0.0 is finally ready after a long period of beta.

The new Seafile Drive Client is the second client for the sync & share solution Seafile. This client makes Seafile the better alternative to the traditional network shares offering file download on-demand, no network delay when browsing files, automatic server sync of file updates and file caching for offline access.

Here is the changelog for version 1.0.0:

  • [fix] Allow a guest user to copy files into shared library
  • Support pause sync
  • [win] Add option to only allow current user to view the virtual disk
  • [win] Don’t let the Windows to search into the internal cache folder
  • [win] Install the explorer extension to system path to allow multiple users to use the extension
  • [mac] Add option to allow search in Finder (disabled by default to avoid files be automatically downloaded in some Mac)
  • [mac] Update kernel drive to support Mac Mojave
  • [mac] Support office file automatically lock

is there a plan to support syncing .app folders on mac that can be executed?

Could you elaborate more on that? What’s a “guest user”? Does “user” refer to a Windows or Seafile user?

Ok seadrive is out of beta and you can still modify a user’s drive without needing to log into their account.

Now if ransomware is installed on any user on that computer, it will affect all the seadrive users there.
This breaks the access control model enforced by windows and any other sane operating system out there (you cannot access other user’s home directory unless access is explicitly granted).
I’ve reported this before, seadrive is closed source so you’re not getting any help from the community. I hope the “Your Data Safety is our first Priority” on the website is not just a marketing thing.


[win] Add option to only allow current user to view the virtual disk

There is an option to disable the virtual disk be visited by other users. This option is disabled by default as it may have bugs with the kernel drive.


Out of beta / stable and “it may have bugs” doesn’t really fit together. :confused:


and on the download page it is still beta, so who knows ….

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I can confirm the option works as expected. Thanks for fixing this!

I’m wondering if by “bugs” you mean things like elevated executables not being able to access the virtual disk mapped to the user?

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There may be other issues we don’t know yet. So we will wait for feedbacks. If no other issues discovered, we will make the option as default.


Thanks for the notification. It is removed now.

Wasn’t v1.0 supposed to work with encrypted libraries ? When will this happen ?

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Meh :smiley: production ready and there is my issue, unsolved for almost one year.


Do you still have the problem? We don’t received such report from other users so far and the kernel drive is updated to the latest version already.

The encrypted library support is planned to be added after version 1.0. The difficulty it the UI part. There is no way to open a window when a encrypted library is clicked.

Yes. Of course after some updates, there is smaller number of occurs. But copying still sometimes freezes, same as application which opening file. If user have enabled file preview in file explorer, it’s extremely slow down whole OS and only select different file in same folder take few seconds.

To prevent network delay, there still isn’t proxy cache for file block.

I consult it with a lot people. They independently said that it should be more like standard client, just select which library you want to have in "disk S:". And they are right. Just click “sync this library” same way as you do in standard client. You select library/folder name in disk root(this will take of these four confusing folders), and you can write password for encrypted library. Finally after you get SeaDrive stable, you can join SeaDrive and standard client.

you can try this in the meantime


installation of 1.0.0 version failed :frowning:

[23B0:2AF8][2018-11-23T17:16:01]i304: Verified existing payload: SeaDrivePrograms at path: C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\{647E11A1-ABEF-49D0-8041-1E9196A86BA7}v1.0.0\seadrive.msi.
[23B0:23A8][2018-11-23T17:16:01]i301: Applying execute package: dokan_clean.exe, action: Install, path: 
 C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\BB22E879FDEEA11BD4929E54A0B97384398EF23F\dokan-clean.exe, arguments: '"C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\BB22E879FDEEA11BD4929E54A0B97384398EF23F\dokan-clean.exe" -x'
[23B0:23A8][2018-11-23T17:16:07]e000: Error 0x80070667: Process returned error: 0x667
[23B0:23A8][2018-11-23T17:16:07]e000: Error 0x80070667: Failed to execute EXE package.
[2090:211C][2018-11-23T17:16:07]e000: Error 0x80070667: Failed to configure per-machine EXE package. 
[2090:211C][2018-11-23T17:16:07]i319: Applied execute package: dokan_clean.exe, result: 0x80070667, restart: None
[2090:211C][2018-11-23T17:16:07]e000: Error 0x80070667: Failed to execute EXE package.
[23B0:23A8][2018-11-23T17:16:07]i351: Removing cached package: dokan_clean.exe, from path:
C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\BB22E879FDEEA11BD4929E54A0B97384398EF23F\

arguments passed to the msi file are incorrect… (on a W10 French version)
reinstalled 0.9.5 without trouble
reinstalled 1.0.0 over 0.9.5 and it works now …

@esamimbias Thanks for reporting this. May I ask:

  • Are you installing SeaDrive client on your computer for the first time, or upgrading from an existing installation?
  • Have you ever manually installed other version of dokany in your system?

btw, where did you see that (except the 0x667 exit code in the log file)?

I see it’ it’s from the installer dialog.

After some testing, it looks good. But we again hit error with bigger num of PDFs.
Going to send log file over PM.