Seafile for Android camera upload interface


Just a few pointers regarding the GUI for Android at the camera upload menu:
It doesn’t make the album identification easy at all. Sure, it shows my “camera” album. But I happen to have three of them. Two on the SD card, and the one in internal storage. There’s no way to figure which one is which. I strongly believe n SD icon should show on all albums in external storage, to differentiate them. Additionally, it looks like either the first picture of an album or a random picture is chosen to display at the miniature in the folder. It should be the last one, as we’re talking about camera roll albums, and we’re more likely to identify what you have just taken. Moreover, any Android’s gallery or even any file picker would do the same.

Additionally although not related: The cache location UI doesn’t prompt for permission to store the files on the SD, and hence no permission can be granted. It just sits there saying it’s moving the cache without actually doing anything.