Seafile for Synology


I have found an alternative solution, but any chance to see one day a native version for DSM ?



+1 I really would love to see Seafile as a native app for Sinology! :slight_smile:

+2 Seafile client app for Synology would be great.

count me in. Would really love a seafile client for synology

Would be nice but I don’t think that the devs have the man power to maintain this. And third party apps aren’t really trusted so much on Synology. So they would have to get in touch with Synology first.

Does Seafile work on

Hello everybody!
I also tried to install the Seafile client on Synology using the link above, but it was unsuccessful … Alternatively - install the Docker and launch the Seafile CLI client inside the Docker container
The easiest working version - ready to use container, such

I guess I’m a little late to the game but I would love Seafile native on synology ! ! !

Synology has cloud apps but I like seafile - (Synology Drive server ) but but I like seafile)

I guess I’ll have to learn docker (I wonder if there’s a how to with docker)

My old iron box (raid 5 with ubuntu) is tired. Don’t think its worth puting $$$ into it. Would have been wonderful to find Seafile as a native synology app but I guess I’ll have to try this docker thing