Seafile GmbH removing their statements and a forum thread

I noticed that the Seafile GmbH removed their statements about the split up from their homepage. Also they removed a forum thread where this topic has been discussed (I also posted in that thread). I opened a thread at the GmbHs forum and asked for reasons. If anyone wants to follow:


Before it’s deleted on the forum, here are links to Google’s cached versions of most of the discussion that has been deleted:

I don’t know how long Google will keep it in its cache or if a site owner can ask to have some pages removed immediately from it. It could even be of interest for Seafile Ltd. to keep an archival copy of the discussion as long as it is available.

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wow, heavy thing! As Seafile Ltd. did not delete their statement, there might be something strange going on in background at GmbH. I hope they are not planning again some ambushing or so… :confused:

Don’t worry. We are discussing settle down conditions with GmbH via our lawyer. When there is a result, we will publish a new announcement.


Update: Currently we can’t reach a settlement with GmbH because they insist the right of developing and selling Seafile pro edition. We will take appropriate measures to defend our intellectual property.


I am sorry to hear that. I really do hope that you can successfully protect your intellectual property!
Best wishes!