Seafile Icon showing "!"

I’m on Ubuntu 18.04 Gnome and am fully updated. I know recently there must have been an issue with a Gnome update because the SeaFile application kept crashing. That said, an update to SeaFile seemed to fix that.

However, for the past several days the SeaFile icon in the tray has shown an exclamation mark “!” instead of a check mark. Every minute or so the icon changes to the “syncing” circle and I get a notification that such and so file was synced. All that said, I’m concerned that something is wrong due to the “!” indicator. How can I check to see what the issue is?

Note: I’ve also updated my seafile server (and rebooted it) as of today too.

I guess you’re using 7.0.3 version. You can check the errors by opening the “file sync error” dialog from the tray icon menu.

Okay, I can check and the exclamation mark is gone. But next time Seafile is started, it shows up again - even without a new warning.

So what is this? And how can I delete the sync error messages? I want to clean stuff, I don’t want warning messages about files which are no longer in my libraries.


(running Windows client here but I don’t think this matters)

It returns on my Linux Desktop too. If I click the “file sync errors” I see it has an issue but there isn’t any way to resolve it, that I can see. That said, once I view the “file sync errors” window the “!” goes away… until the next time I launch the app (which is my next PC reboot, generally).

Yes, 7.0.3. Is that not the most current?

Found this Topic addressing this same thing:

It’s fixed in 7.0.4.

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