Seafile-ignore.txt for downloaded files


I am using the seafile-ignore.txt a lot and its working perfect if all clients have the same configuration.
But now I have another scenario:

client 1: has all jpgs and raw images
client 2: wants only the jpgs

So I have a library with all jpgs and raw images. client 1 does not have a seafile-ignore.
I created a seafile-ignore for client 2 ignoring all raw images (and itself too, so client 1 does not get the same). When applied, I can delete all raw images without syncing the deletion to the server.
But when client 1 adds another raw image, it gets downloaded at client 2 (but you don’t see the green checkmark, as it is ignored).

Is there a workaround or could this be implemented in the next version?

Thank you!

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I am replying in order to let you know I am also interested in a more mature ignoring system of files.
I have similar use cases but as soon implementing them, I stumble upon the limited capabilities of the seafile-ignore.txt.

Thanks anyway for addressing it into future work!