Seafile iOS Client v2.5.8 - Same file, different filename


Im using the seafile app for iOS. I have the option “Auto upload” enabled. So all photos from the Camera roll gets auto uploaded to the defined folder.

The issue is that I just noticed that it said there was “651 photos remain” to upload. Thats all the photos I have in total in the camera roll. And all the photos are already uploaded.

It seems like it wants to upload all the photos again, but with a changed filename of all the photos.

This is how the filename was originaly: IMG_0001
This is how the filename is now when it wants to upload the exact same photo: IMG_20170117_194447_0001

Anyone else seen this issue and know how to solve it?


Same behavior at my side since App-Version 2.5.8. Had to turn auto upload off.

Thanks for the confirmation on this issue (?). I hope it will be fixed soon.

It was also reported in this post:

Not sure if that is a bug or a feature :smiley:

Yeah, thats the same issue. I hope its not a “feature”.

This is a feature for better handle photo re-uploading problem. Sorry, we forgot to handle compatibility issue.

“forgot to handle compatibility” is obviously sad.

Anyway, I appreciate the change in filenaming as I believe it fixed photo uploading on an iPhone 5S that was stuck. As far as I can tell, the fix for the forgotten compatibility is quite straight-forward (on the user side): delete the old photos named “IMG_0001” (…).

However, since the update to 2.5.8., I’m experiencing another problem: videos are not uploaded at all, neither on an iPhone 5S (on which photos are working again, see above), nor on an iPhone 6.

So, to summarize the situation:

version 2.5.7:

  • iPhone 5S: uploaded some hundreds of photos and videos, then stuck
  • iPhone 6: uploaded photos and videos smoothly

version 2.5.8:

  • iPhone 5S: uploading photos, but no videos at all
  • iPhone 6: uploading photos, but no videos at all

Thanks for looking into that, much appreciated!!

This is true, but only if you still have ALL photos remaining in your camera roll. If you have deleted photos in your device they cant be uploaded and will be permantly gone if you delete them from the server side. So this solution is ONLY if you have all photos on your device.

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I too ran into this problem. In addition to this there seems to be a different bug with the video upload portion.

Once my photos and videos are uploaded I usually sort through them, arrange them by month or year, etc. So they are no longer int their “Camera Uploads” folder but Seafile never had a problem with re-uploading them. Now, if I remove any of the videos, the client will re-upload them. Very annoying.