Seafile Ldap Integration Problem on Debian 11


I installed Seafile server on Ubuntu 20.04 with ldap integration. Everything is fine on Ubuntu with ldap but when I install Seafile server on Debian 11 with ldap integration, same ldap integration, Seafile can’t contact ldap. I couldn’t find reason of this problem. Can anyone help me please?

HOST = ldaps://my-ldap-server-address
BASE = xxxx
USER_DN = xxxx

Also I’m connecting to ldap server with python script and getting users and roles but, seafile can’t contact to ldap with same config

I solved this myself. I added to below line to end of the file /etc/ldap/ldap.conf and restart server.


Wouldn’t call this a solution as it disable certificate verification, it’s really something I wouldn’t recommend for obvious security reasons.

For those still struggling with LDAPS…
first check your LDAP’s certificate:

openssl s_client -showcerts -connect *your-server-fqdn*:636

and make sure it is valid.
Although, I had valid cert for nginx on the same server, for some reason the script copying renewed cert to ldap cert path stopped working, so secured connection couldn’t be established.