Seafile License

What happens when the seafile license expires?

In recent years the license expired and the seafile server stopped to work, without warning and without any proper license renewal request per mail, and even better without the option to auto-renew the license.

Since we purchased a new license yesterday I can only hope that this has been solved, or has it?

This is not correct. The Seafile server checks the validity of the license file merely upon startup.

Nothing. The server keeps running. Only when shut down - planned or unplanned - it refuses to start while pointing to the expiry of the license file.

I agree that there should be a process in place that reminds the admin of an impending expiry. At the same time, it is the admin’s job to keep an eye on license matters.

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If you buy the license from customer center, there should be an email notification before your license expires.

Why can’t the license be auto-renewed.
As much as I loath this kind of thing in other software, I’d appreciate this in seafile.