Seafile Ltd. and Seafile GmbH end the dispute

We are glad to announce that the dispute between Seafile Ltd. and Seafile GmbH ends.

In the last week, we reached an amicable solution with our former partner Seafile GmbH.

All Seafile trademarks currently held by Seafile GmbH and the domain “” will be transferred to Seafile Ltd… Seafile GmbH will continue to do business and change its name to Syncwerk GmbH.

Existing customers and contracts of Seafile GmbH will not be affected and continue to receive support and software updates from Syncwerk GmbH. These updates are currently based on Seafile Professional Edition 5.1.8. Syncwerk GmbH will also continue Seafile GmbH’s Seafile SaaS services under a new domain name.

New customers who are interested in purchasing the on-premise Seafile Professional Edition need to contact Seafile Ltd… Seafile GmbH / Syncwerk GmbH will no longer offer the Seafile Professional Edition (or software derived from it) to new customers who first contacted them after March, 10th 2017.



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I am glad to hear that, congratulations.

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That sounds very good. Congratulations!

GREAT!!! hope you continue with all the great work :D. We are a small business in Mexico and we use seafile as daily basis.