Seafile Mobile Dark Mode


Could we get a dark mode for mobile please so when I’m editing .md files in bed my tired eyes can rest?



If your eyes are tired you should sleep before editing your MarkDown files ! :joy:
I am only joking… good idea indeed.

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Pushing this topic again, in the meantime the majority of apps are supporting this.

I use my phone (Android) in dark mode and what annoys me most in Seafile on Android: If I try to e.g. mark/copy/paste entries in a password field or while renaming a file I get white font on white background in the selection overlay :roll_eyes:

Not sure if this is specific to my device but I either click blind or I temporarily turn off dark mode for the whole phone. I’ve never seen this on any other app so far (and not every app is natively supporting dark mode yet).

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Both Android and iOS version needs an dark mode :frowning:
I was surprised it was not already there.