Seafile not releasing space

Hi all,

I’ve Seafile 8.0.7 on a Raspberry Pi 4 working fine. I’m using a library that appears to have 2TB in the web interface, but it is 1.7TB in the local disk (the data disk is an USB drive). I’ve done a massive deletion of files, but the space in the Seafile web interface and the space in the disk are not released.

I’ve run the Garbage Collector ( with no errors and I got around 20GB free (I was expecting more than 200GB).

Is there something I am not doing?


You probably have set the keep history to forever or an arbitrary amount of days .

keep_days = days of history to keep

The keep days for the trash are 60 by default as well. It takes that amount of time until the GC actuals deletes the files.

expire_days = 60

Config description here: seafile.conf - Seafile Admin Manual

I’ve tested it but the result is the same, Seems nothing changed.