Seafile official Ubuntu PPA for desktop client is ready!

You can install the latest version from


Hi, these are great news! Thanks a lot!

I’m just wondering why the repository shows the seafile-gui package at version 5.1.4, when the official (former?) download page only shows 5.1.3 (for Linux). It’d be nice if updates could be released simultaneously for all platforms and through all channels.


Good work. Does that include the cli client? Also, does that work for Debian?

The download page is updated.

We will no longer maintain the stand-alone downloadable deb package.

Here is the document on how to install Seafile client on Ubuntu/Debian/Fedora:


Works great for me (Debian8), thank you!

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@daniel.pan Is it still works? There’s last version 6.1.8 and no update. Or is 6.2.5 still BETA?

There is a bug in launchpad ( to sync code from github (where our source code lives). The bug has not been fixed yet. I’ll take another look to see if there are any workaround.

OK, thanks for info

That link is not opening, :frowning:

Check it here:

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