Seafile Pro 11: tar.gz and docker image?


I was wondering if there’s a timeline for the.tar.gz and docker images for v11.

I can only see version 10.0.9 in the download area and despite querying the docker repo v2 api of the private pro repo for the tags (11.0.0 is apparently a valid tag), the image can’t be pulled,

Any help or insight appreciated.


EDIT: I queried the wrong docker repo api url (reading too much source code on github…). The official pro repo “” doesn’t show the 11.0.0 tag! My bad… Original question remains, though.

Seafile Pro 11 has not been released yet. Once it is released, you can pull the docker image.

Sorry for the confusion. With documentation being hard to follow up on, I saw version 11 being promoted in the github doc. My mistake, I guess, instead of waiting for official manual files and announcements to follow.

Thanks for the swift reply.