Seafile pro 6.3.3 is ready! A few fixes

This is a maintenance release with following fixes:

  • [fix] Fix some bugs in sharing group-owned libraries
  • [fix] Fix a bug in setting folder permission
  • Update Django to 1.11.11
  • Support login via contact email
  • Support sharing a sub-folder in a group-owned library

Improvements of markdown editor:

  • Support code highlight
  • Support copy rich content in html pages into the editor and keep format
  • Better support input inline code
  • fix copy content to table
  • Automatically entering to editor mode if the file is empty
  • Other fixes to make editing experience more smooth.

For people interested in the Wiki feature, we are still in the progress of rewriting the entire feature. This version rewrite Wiki as a “single page app”:

The wiki is changed to use the same permission system as the library. Now a user can see all wiki that the underlying libraries are shared to him/her.

Page links (you can just use the URL of the file in the library or you can use the URL of the wiki page) and images also work now.

In the next version, you will be able to

  • Add pages/delete pages/add folders/delete folders in the wiki view
  • Search wiki pages in the wiki view

I cannot find a docker release for 6.3.x.


I’m happy to See further development of seafile, though I’m wondering why there is no ARM version of Seafile Pro? Arm64 hardware became quite powerful in recent times. Could you please Compile an ARM Seafile Pro Release. I think that this could open Seafile Pro for many private consumers, actually I’m confident that a lot auf current community version users would change to Pro then.

My very best regards.

I think Syncwerk compiled a very old version of pro for Pi, so it’s possible. They just have to do it.

I haven’t heard of such a version so far. Do you have a reference?

I searched on their site, but it isn’t there anymore. I remember the link which is now known as beta for Pi was sometimes pro beta for the Pi. I’ll correct it, it was for armhf and not for ARM64, like questioned.


there is an issue on and 6.3.3 and 6.3.4 :


It seems that 6.3.3/6.3.4 does not solve all the issues mentionned here :

Notably, drag and drop from left bar to the edit window (that should create active links, but do not).
Relative path are not really usefull if this feature is not working good.
internal content should also be available from the insert image/insert link buttons (browse from the wiki/library)

As i tried it on 6.3.4, the wiki is not “public” anymore, because the library can not be shared as “public” :disappointed_relieved::grimacing: