Seafile pro 7.0.5 is ready! A few fixes

This is a maintenance release with the following fixes and updates:

  • [fix] Fix Zip download multiple files
  • [fix] Fix a bug in “System Admin -> Logs -> File Update -> details”
  • [fix] Fix there is an extra history item for newly created docs/pptx
  • [fix] Fix a bug in traffic statistics
  • [fix] Fix file modification report email are not sent out
  • Support show department libraries in fuse
  • Add expiring date for upload link
  • Add search feature in pubished libraries for anonymous users

Hi Daniel,

Did you added back the internal link as we discussed before ? @rdb and me would be glad to.


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It will be added back in the next release.

After upgrading my test server from 6.3.14 to 7.0.5 I realised, that my logo on the login screen is distorted.

<img src="/media/custom/mylogo.png" title="MyShare" alt="logo" width="160" height="40" class="login-panel-logo">

<img src="/media/custom/mylogo.png" title="MyShare" alt="logo" width="256" height="40" class="login-panel-logo">

The cause is the file seahub/seahub/templates/registration/login.html where the width parameter of the logo is missing:

$('.login-panel-outer-container').prepend($($('#logo').html()).attr({'width': 160, 'height': 40}).addClass('login-panel-logo'));

$('.login-panel-outer-container').prepend($($('#logo').html()).attr({'height': 40}).addClass('login-panel-logo'));

Can this be fixed? Or can the logo width be configured somewhere?


@daniel.pan Could you amend the changelog @