Seafile Pro 7.1.5 is ready!

This is a maintenance release with the following fixes and improvements:

  • Indexing LibreOffice files in file search
  • GC add --id-prefix option to scan a specific range of libraries
  • fsck add an option to not check block integrity to speed up scanning
  • Support setting the expire date time of a share link to a specific date time
  • [fix] Fix ccnet listen on port 10001
  • [fix] Fix virus scan via upload link not work
  • [fix] Fix WebDAV failed login via WebDAV secret
  • [fix] Fix some bugs in LDAP sync
  • [fix] Fix term and condition feature
  • [fix] Fix support for institution feature
  • Other UI fixes

It looks like you’ve also improved fsck and gc. I think those are notable changes as well. Especially the garbage collection feature is very likely a significant improvement for large setups.

Updated. Thanks for reminding me.

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