Seafile Pro 8.0.3 Docker

Ok so I’m a bit confused; I had never looked outside of the profiles which were put on

I got impatient tonight and built my own, and decided to jump on here and see if there was any upgrade gotchas. Alas, I see a docker 7.1.17 (when I only have 7.1.14) doing the same thing as me? No clue where this 8.0.3 image came in his thread; it’;s not built from same source as mine, as he’s got python 3.7 and I have 3.6

then I thought hmmmm, might as well go check docker hub. Mostly non-intesting, until you come to this one:

By plaguedr • Updated 2 days ago
Enterprise file sync and share platform with high reliability and performance.

k, how many people use this … WHAT THE F*** > 50K downloads …

The final straw for me, and how f’d something is - this person’s asking for bitcoing or litecoin donations. Seriously? Personally I think that’s about poor taste as one can get - well except I don’t see any posts about pro 8 in docker being responded to. Something it’s awful broken…
Sad as I have been using the 3 user license - as it meets my light use needs, but has been on buying the other one; just to show a few bucks of love over the fence. Now I’m more wondering what’s going on; does anyone actually run a business on this.

Who’s got clues?