Seafile PRO 8.0.3 - problem with SeaDrive

We have trubles with Seafile PRO server to 8.0.3 in combination with SeaDrive (different versions). Everything seems working but SeaDrive clients start throwing “Internal server error” and not sync file updates. I said to employees to let PCs running over weekend to let it sync without touching but without effect. Standard client and web interface works.

I did upgrade on two machines to latest SeaDrive (2.0.13) and result is it never sync initial files tree.

Any suggestion? I tried to see server logs and SeaDrive logs. On server no error … on client just same like notification “Internal server error”.

We need to fix that really fast because, nobody can work.

So, problem looks like to be in Server PRO 8.0.3. I did downgrade to 8.0.1 and all SeaDrive clients start working.

This is due to two new options introduced into 8.0.3 version. Please refer to the updated changelog: for details.

That information wasn’t there when I donwloaded it :smiley:
Thanks for reply

Is there option to “unlimit” this? We have a really big libraries with tons of files and I don’t know how to setup right values.

I think a mistake was made when the Changelog. The info about the two new values is shown under 8.0.3 and 7.1.16.

Actually it affects both versions. However we think it’s best to not affect 7.1.x versions by default. So we’ll change the default behavior to not check file numbers in the next 7.1.x version.

And how to do If I cannot define how big library is? Just if I want old behavioral?

In the upcoming 8.0.4 pro you may set the options to -1 for the old behavior (unlimited).