Seafile pro edition 10.0.5 is ready!

This is a maintenance release with following fixes and updates:

  • [fix] Fix display of tags in the file details side bar
  • [fix] Fix a file name encoding bug in golang file server
  • [fix] Fix a UI bug in setting expiration time for a sharing link
  • Update included POI java library which is used to extracting contents of doc/docx files in indexing
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is it normal that the installation file goes from 105.7 MB for the ubuntu version (10.0.4)

has a file of 208.9 MB ubuntu version (10.0.5) , that seems huge for a minor update , thanks.

   $ du -hs  seafile-pro-server-10.0.*/pro/python/seafes ; du -hs seafile-pro-server-10.0.*/pro/python/seafes/poi/ seafile-pro-server-10.0.*/pro/python/seafes/seafes.tar.gz
   25M     seafile-pro-server-10.0.4/pro/python/seafes
   132M    seafile-pro-server-10.0.5/pro/python/seafes
   13M     seafile-pro-server-10.0.4/pro/python/seafes/poi/
   71M     seafile-pro-server-10.0.5/pro/python/seafes/poi/
   11M     seafile-pro-server-10.0.4/pro/python/seafes/seafes.tar.gz
   60M     seafile-pro-server-10.0.5/pro/python/seafes/seafes.tar.gz

So this seems to be the POI java library update. No clue why the seafes.tar.gz is in the tree:

$ tar xfz seafile-pro-server-10.0.5/pro/python/seafes/seafes.tar.gz
$ diff -r -c seafes seafile-pro-server-10.0.5/pro/python/seafes
Only in seafile-pro-server-10.0.5/pro/python/seafes:
Only in seafile-pro-server-10.0.5/pro/python/seafes: Makefile
Only in seafile-pro-server-10.0.5/pro/python/seafes/poi: ExtractText.class
Only in seafile-pro-server-10.0.5/pro/python/seafes/poi:
Only in seafile-pro-server-10.0.5/pro/python/seafes: pytest.ini
Only in seafile-pro-server-10.0.5/pro/python/seafes:
Only in seafile-pro-server-10.0.5/pro/python/seafes:
Only in seafile-pro-server-10.0.5/pro/python/seafes: seafes.tar.gz
Only in seafile-pro-server-10.0.5/pro/python/seafes: tests

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have you tried the 10.0.5 update?
because I’m waiting for more feedback before installing it.
because yesterday I switched to debian 12, I managed to configure debian 12 Bookworm so that seafile works without errors, but I expect to have more feedback on this minor update.

This is a packaging error. We will fix it and upload a new one.

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there are four versions of 10.0.5 in the download area:

seafile-pro-server_10.0.5_x86-64_CentOS.tar (3).gz
Are they identical?


They are identical. We will check why the upload script upload the same file a few times.

Great works!
Please update the docker-compose.yml file for the docker version.