Seafile pro edition 10.0 is ready for testing!

Seafile pro edition 10.0 is ready for testing

Here are major changes in version 10.0:

  • Update Python dependencies and support Ubuntu 22.04 and Debian 11
  • Add a new notification server
  • Enable limiting download/upload speed for a certain role
  • Simplified configuration for SAML authentication
  • Some improvements of multi-tenancy mode, like a team admin can set team logo, support each team to have its own SAML login
  • Watch and get notifications for libraries
  • Support a user to generate multiple share links for a single file/folder

The notification server enables desktop syncing and drive clients to get notification of library changes immediately using websocket. There are two benefits:

  1. Reduce the time for syncing new changes to local
  2. Reduce the load of the server as periodically pulling is removed. There are significant reduction of load when you have 1000+ clients.

The notification server works with Seafile syncing client 9.0+ and drive client 3.0+.

Please follow the document to upgrade to Seafile 10.0: Upgrade notes for 10.0.x - Seafile Admin Manual


Congratulations to the Seafile team for this new release in version 10. I can’t wait to try it.

How can I update Seafile Pro Edition with docker from 9.0.16 to 10.0? Is there the Compose file of Seafile Pro Edition 10.0?

Are you guys going to update the Seafile Linux Client past 8.0.5 so that linux users can get the same features?

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Please check the manual: Upgrade for other versions - Seafile Admin Manual

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Great !
I’m looking forward to see this new version in action !

I have activated the notification on a folder for more than 12 hours, there have been a lot of changes in the folders, but still no notification,


can you help on how to use this function

Modifications made by your own will not be sent to you. Can you check if it is this case?

it actually works, we receive notifications when a monitored library is modified by another user. thank you