Seafile pro edition 6.2.6 is ready! A few important fixes

This is a maintenance release with the following fixes and improvements: (Seafile pro 6.2.5 that uploaded in the weekend is deprecated.)

  • [fix, important] Fix a performance bug in search index
  • [fix, important] Fix a memory leak in listing folder with locked files
  • [new] Notify the inviter when a guest register
  • [new] Add the feature “remember this device” after two-factor authentication
  • [new] Don’t allow to move, delete or rename a file when a file is locked
  • [new] Add option to notify the admin after new user registration (NOTIFY_ADMIN_AFTER_REGISTRATION)
  • [new, UI] Support inviting multiple guests at once
  • [new] Support customize the list of groups that a user can see when sharing a library
  • [new, API] Support search files in my libraries, shared libraries, shared to all libraries
  • [fix] Fix OAuth bug
  • [fix] Fix a bug that file preview can’t work in Debian 9
  • [fix] Fix a bug in modify permission for a shared sub-folder
  • [fix] Improve performance in checking folder permission and file lock
  • [fix] Improve the performance of returning a user’s all group libraries
  • [fix] Fix support for uploading 500+ files via web interface (caused by API rate throttle)
  • [fix] Fix API get_shared_repo_by_path()
  • [fix] Add more log when failed to zip a file
  • Don’t use memcache when read object in the Python part
  • Update license file check
  • [multi-tenancy, API] Return origin_repo_name when listing libraries
  • Add cancel zip download API
  • [fix] Fix some configuration bugs in seafevents module

Where can I find the installation files. There are nothing under “seafile-downloads / pro”

We just find another bug in 6.2.6, will upload a new version soon.

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Thanks. BTW which Pro version should I download for Ubuntu 16.04? Generic or Ubuntu?

The Ubuntu one.

A new version 6.2.7 is uploaded.

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Is there a specific setting for that or is it set by default ?

I just tried but i’m not notified


By default, the inviter is notified in the seahub interface, but no mail is sent to him.
Could it be possible to add mail notification ?


For this option the message is not well formed/translated into French language.

Vous recevez cette invitation en tant qu’admin du siteSeafileet que l’utilisateur [mail] l’a rejoint.


Vous recevez cette invitation en tant qu’admin du site Seafile, que l’utilisateur [mail] a rejoint.



How can we use this feature ?




You can find the document here:
(search custom_get_groups)

Thanks @daniel.pan.


You can find the document here (custom_get_groups)


Can you update the translation at Transifex?

Yes i’ll try.
But sometimes i dont’ find the strings to translate, whereas i would have translated more.

Ok, thanks

How can I use the new feature NOTIFY_ADMIN_AFTER_REGISTRATION? Can I set a special TO admin email address?

The notification will be sent to all admins. Not configurable yet.

But the notification is only sent, if a new user use the registration process. However if a seafile user invites a new user, there isn’t any admin notification. Could you extent the admin notification to this effect?

This would help to control the amount of used licenses.

OK! We will extend the admin notification when new user is invited by other seafile users.