Seafile pro edition 6.2.9 is ready!

This is a maintenance release with the following fixes and improvements:

  • [fix] Support setting region for Swift backend
  • [fix] Notify the admin when an invited people registered
  • [new, API] Add API for cleaning trash
  • [fix, API] Fix permission check in search API
  • [fix] Remove redundant warning message in seahub.log
  • [fix] Add API for upload files via upload link
  • [fix] Fix inconsistency in showing user’s space usage in multi-tenancy mode
  • [new] Add online preview for SVG files

We will have Chinese new year holiday in the next 2 weeks :fireworks:. Responses to non-urgent problems will be delayed.


Amazing! Going to test OVH object storage now

PS. It’s should probably be 6.2.9

edit: im idiot. used tenant id instead of tenant name.
@daniel.pan it works fine. im sorry :frowning: and thank you guys