Seafile pro edition 6.3.11 is ready! A few fixes

This is a maintenance release with the following fixes:

  • [fix] Fix support for two-factor authentication using SMS
  • [fix] Fix support for traffic statistics
  • [fix] Fix file access audit log
  • [fix] Improve performance for getting group library list
  • Remove file count and size count for directories as it will lead to performance problems

Hi Daniel,

thanks for the release!

Is there any plan for the next CE version?


Most of fixes are related to features of pro edition. The community edition doesn’t need update so far.

Hello we’re using seafile serverversion 6.3.9

When I upload a folder with 2files in, only the folder will be created and the files will not be uploaded. there is a network error for the file.When the folder is created we can upload the file into the folder. I need this to upload a folder within a picture sequence, which of course is in a corresponding folder.
How can we solve it?