Seafile Pro edition 6.3.13 is ready! A few fixes

This is a maintenance release with following fixes:

  • [fix] Fix some bugs in accessing S3 for some special configurations
  • [fix] Fix OnlyOffice integration when OnlyOffice using invalid CA
  • [fix] Fix sometimes users can’t login into WebDAV
  • [fix] Fix a crash bug in realtime backup server
  • [fix] Fix the last modified time is not updated for shared sub-folders
  • [fix] Keep last modified time when moving or copying files from on library to another
  • [fix] Fix can’t sync a sub-folder of a shared sub-folder
  • [fix] Fix URL in email notification for sub-folder shared event

I hope the certificate check has not been dropped, completely. That would be worse than before.


This is an option to determine whether the CA should be checked. Previously, even it was set to not check the CA, the CA was still be checked. It is fixed now.

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