Seafile pro edition 7.0.1 is ready for testing. Now Seafile can be used for knowledge management!


Hi Daniel, thanks for the work

in the upgrade for me, 1 warning… (6.3 to 7.0):

 [WARNING] Failed to execute sql: (1091, "Can't DROP 'profile_profile_contact_email_0975e4bf_uniq'; check that column/key exists")

Are you any idea ?.



This is just a warning. It is because some old version does not created an index.
It can be ignored.


I have thoroughly tested Seafile 7.0.1 over the long Easter weekend. 7.0.1 is not quite production ready yet and needs some more polishing here and there, but I really like the new features and the modern look of Seahub! The new React-based Seahub is sleek and the column view/context menu facilitates file management a lot, the MD editor works well - though there are still some issues when handling images - and the many incremental improvements such as favorites on library level, file tagging, sharing permissions are a strong package.

I do not share the strong criticism by the previous speakers. I shake my head over the renewed call to make a search function part of CE given that this has been discussed at length and “ruled upon” …

… but I would also like to see Seafile’s central sync & share features strengthened going forward. This is what users expect from Seafile and it is what Pro customers pay money for.

My top 5 of things I would like to see implemented are:

  • Add auto expiration to upload links
  • Enable library transfers from users to departments and vice versa
  • Make sync & drive client customizable
  • Fix (permanently) automatic client update
  • Fix file locking in SeaDrive for Office 2016 and younger


MySQL Community Server 8.0.15 Has it been supported?


Thanks for improving Seafile
I’ve tested the latest Beta and found the following issues:

1.) the new Web frontend code seems to be much slower than the old code, mainly if you have large amount of files in 1 folder (I’ve tested a folder with > 2’000 pictures and scrolling became almost impossible, CPU load went up) - in general navigating through the new UI is slower in my opinion (tested with Google Chrome)
-> hope you can improve this, maybe it’s the fault of new libraries… but from a user perspective it’s sad if somethign gets slower in a new version
Please test a folder with lots of files, especially pictures and you will see
Please test in general the performance (automated testing) compared to previous v6.x version before release

2.) Setting read-only and read-write permissions seems to have vanished
I could not figure out how to set them as I could in the latest v6.x version. Maybe you just forgot to add the dialog box… The Client still sees the read-only and read-write difference.
Fine grained folder permissions are important and set the software apart from other solutions - don’t kill this feature.
It would even be great to not only have read-only, read-write but also “no access”


PS: please have a Look at post 8824 too regarding an issue with Seafile Client and read-only libraries/Folders
-> Category Seafile Client


+1 :+1: Yes that would be great


I agree. This would be a nice feat.

The developers have tried to add an “invisible” and “no access” permissions. Yet it seems to be difficult to implement and have thus abandoned the idea - for the time being as I understood.

If Seafile was otherwise flawless and feature-saturated, I would agree that this should be a priority. But - imho - I would invest my priorities elsewhere.


I can live with this limitation for now (even though Nextcloud that we tested as well has it implemented)
With tags you can block users to access folders on various different rules.
If the have no access, the client simply wont sync - the subfolder(s) are then simply not present to these users.

But Seafile has a much better sync between Desktop and Server, that’s a big plus and Seafile can do fine grained folder permissions, which is also great.
Nevertheless, there is one topic with read-only folders that I think needs to be addressed.


Pagination for large folders will be added back in the next release.

The fine-grained folder permissions will be added back too.


great, thanks

maybe go for “infinite scroll” ?
(just an idea)


Yes, the correct term is “infinite scroll”.


with growing size the backend server should also scale up to multiple nodes and distribute its tasks over several nodes.