Seafile pro edition 7.0.1 is ready for testing. Now Seafile can be used for knowledge management!

Seafile 7.0 addresses the issue of how to better manage files online. We have made a lot of improvements in the following area:

  • Markdown editor
  • Wiki-like features
  • File search
  • Activities
  • File histories
  • File tags
  • Sharing permissions

With these improvements, Seafile also becomes a good solution for knowledge management .

By online documents, we mean documents that can be viewed and edited online. Like Markdown and a rich document format that we are implementing.

Markdown editor

The Markdown editor is much improved compared to the editor in version 6.3. The new interface is cleaner. The view and edit modes are combined into a single edit mode.

Images can be resized and cells in tables can be selected and copied.

Wiki-like feature

The Wiki feature has two uses in Seafile. One is to organization files and document internally, and the other is for publishing.

For the first use, in version 6.3, the user needs to create a private Wiki. If we have a lot of libraries that want to be organized as a Wiki, we have to create a lot of Wikis. But in this way, for the same contents, we will have two ways to access them with different URLs. One is the wiki interface, and the other is the library interface. To solve this problem, in 7.0, we added a two-column view mode (or Wiki view mode) to the library. This way you don’t need to create a Wiki to view the contents of a library in a Wiki way.

For the second use, version 7.0 added the feature of library publishing.

Column mode

The column mode display the library as a Wiki. You can easily jump among online documents by clicking files in the tree view. Files and folders can be moved via drag and drop. Context menus are also added for you to access file operations quickly.

Drag and drop:

Context menu:

Libraries publishing

If you want to make your documents public visible, you can publish a library. The published library will be displayed in a Wiki like view.


When you write a lot of online documents in Seafile, a quick search and access to the corresponding documents becomes a very important feature. In Seafile 7.0, we added real-time search. You can see the search results in real time as you type. This way you can adjust your search keywords to find the corresponding document faster.

In 7.0, you can also search the library by the library name and then quickly access the library.


When the whole team are actively using Seafile, it’s even more important to quickly understand which files others have changed. For this we have improved the activities feature.

The interface of file activities is much cleaner now. We also added some smart features. For example, if you uploaded 30 files in a single library, the records will be aggregated. You will see only a single record that “30 files are added” instead of 30 records.

File tags

Seafile’s tag is working at library level. So users can use the same set of tags for a shared library. It is meant to help organize files with a shared library. It is not for personal usage. So there is no global tags.

In the root of a library, tags will be listed and you can quickly access the tagged files.

File histories

For online documentation, we often need to know what other people have made to a document. To do this, in 7.0, we recorded the history of the document (including Markdown, Word, Text files, etc.) into the database. This gives you a quick access to the history of your files. The Markdown file supports the functionality of Diff. When you browse the historical versions, the changes will be highlighted.

Sharing permissions

Two new permissions are added to better control the sharing permissions.

  • Preview-Edit-on-Cloud, users can view and edit file online via browser. Files can’t be downloaded.
  • Preview-on-Cloud, users can only view files online. Files can’t be downloaded.

Last but not least

The Web UI has been rewritten with a new UI framework. With the new UI framework, all the UI components like dialogs, dropdown menus and buttons are now having a consistent look and feel.


Usually CE is released two weeks before Pro for testing purposes. When will CE 7 be available?

Does the new Pro version finally support multiple backend servers?
Right now it’s scaleability is quiet limited.
If there are a lot of files and huge data pools, indexing and thumbnail generation takes weeks (literally) because of the single backend node limit.


As far as i know the thumbnails are created at the frontend servers. So this shouldn’t be a problem now (at least not for us) - Also we don’t have problems with search indexing in regards of performance.

Because in this version, only the pro edition can fully show the features related to “knowledge management”, we release it before the CE edition. The CE edition will be available within 4 weeks.

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There are no bad performance problems yet. But with growing size the backend server should also scale up to multiple nodes and distribute its tasks over several nodes.

Why is Seafile still not tested on the latest stable releases?
The official manual is also quiet messy regarding proper setup in latest distributions.

Quote from website:

Tested on:
Debian 8
Ubuntu 16.04
Centos 7

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Great work!

I have three questions:

  • You wanted to release a feature to create download- and upload links as a single link - Is this feature implemented ?

  • Currently i use the download icon in the webinterface quiet often. As far as i can see, the new version does move the download icon to a option in the drop-down list. Any thoughts / reasons for this change? What do other users say ? I would like to have the old icon back.

  • Will tags from Macs be synchronized with the cloud (in the future)?

Yes, that would be nice for the future - also related to high availability.

Any plans to bring basic file search to CE?


You never give up, do you?! :wink:

Daniel’s statement is less than a year old.

Actually I don’t understand why Seafile development goes in this direction at the moment (competiting with Knowledge Management/documentation software).
This is the kind of “featureritis” of OwnCloud/Nextcloud and the opposite of KISS. I would never recommend to use a data cloud software fore more than syncing files. For exmaple if I want a good Wiki tool I use MediaWiki (which is fully FLOSS).


Nope I don’t! It’s a very basic feature, missing, that shouldn’t be.


Online document is a basic extension on file sync and share. Like GDrive has Google Docs, Dropbox has Papers.

On top on online document, it is only a small step to add Wiki like features.

Well, it’s not really missing. You just have to pay for it. Which I think is fair enough.

We have just re-implemented the sharing link feature. The download-upload link feature will be added later.

The download icon is still there. It is just covered by the context menu in the screenshot.

It depends on how many people need this feature.

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This is a must have for the CE. Users left Seafile because it misses this basic feature.
This is a community and we can continue asking for this basic feature, some day they might enable the CE with a basic search.

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Not for a basic feature that is available in all other community versions of similar software.

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Well, maybe I’m the wrong target audience but users in my university would barely use something like Google Docs or Dropbox Papers to write scientific papers. I know that Micro$oft is pushing all their Users to their Office365 cloud but I hope it is just a question of time users recognize what a vendor-lockin is and what it means to need an internet connection to write a thesis.

Even the Seafile Wiki would be a real Wiki like MediaWiki (not just Library with a bunch of markdown files) I would always advice against it because it is rarely a good idea to use the same tool for different tasks.

Don’t understand me wrong: I love Seafile because it does a great job in syncing files but there are dozens of other features missing related to this core feature of Seafile:

btw: Missing file search is real a show stopper (I can not count the amount of users who could use Seafile CE but don’t use it because of the missing file search feature).

I understand that you want to nudge users to the pro edition (I would love to pay for it if it would be fully FLOSS) but maybe you should reconsider your financing model. Proxmox for example (a nice SOHO hypervisor software) is fully FLOSS and the devs earn money by different subscription plans for stable upgrades and official support:

  • License without charge: No official support (just by other users) and updates/patches only via beta repository
  • Cheapest license: Access to stable updates/patches repo and forum support
  • More expensive licenses: 3 support tickets/year up to unlimited support tickets.

For Seafile this could be:

  • License without charge: No official support (just by other users) and updates/patches only via beta repository
  • 1€/month: Access to stable repository (imagine how many users there are using the CE edition who would like to see a stable funding but want to stay with the FLOSS version of Seafile) but no official support in the community forum
  • 5€/month: Access to stable repo and official support in the community forum
  • More expensive licenses: Support tickets via email

This way you could drop the CE / Pro separation and earn money without using vendor-lockin techniques (the company behind Proxmox is very successfull in this way because users don’t have the feeling to be dependent of this company).

Yes, this maybe would cause some trouble with users who already bought the Pro license but I think even the Pro users would like to see more a more progressive development of Seafile (for the core features I listed above and the feature you think Seafile has to offer - for both it is not a bad idea to have more money for more developers).

However: Thanks for Seafile!


I also think the Wiki is more a Add-In feature than nessecary and Dev Team schould concentrate on the WebUI, Clients and Seadrive. There is still much to improve.


I fully support this and this:

Dev Team schould concentrate on the WebUI, Clients and Seadrive.

Client cannot create download link with PW and expiry.
For so much stuff I need to go into the WebInterface, that’s so annoying.

I’m missing a proper solution to keep file in sync on my phone 2-way like dropsync does (without Webdav)

I dont care about WIKI, maybe others do. I dont use Google-Docs or Dropbox-Paper. Maybe other do.
For me no need to upgrade to 7 pro atm.

For me it seems that the development is drivin be one big customer and what “he” needs or the development is driven by what the developers need them selves to organize there work.