Seafile pro edition 7.0.7 is ready!

This is a maintenance release with the following updates:

  • [fix] Fix a bug in multiple storage backend support
  • [fix] Fix avatar problem when deployed under non-root domain
  • Add get internal link in share dialog
  • [fix] Fix newly created DOCX files are not empty and have a Chinese font set as default font
  • [fix] Fix system does not send email to new user when adding new user in system admin
  • [fix] Fix thumbnail for TIFF files
  • [fix] Fix direct download link for sharing links
  • [fix] Fix report in statictics module has no file extension when downloading in Firefox
  • [fix] Fix “Preview-only” share link
  • [fix] Fix file comment
  • Other UI fixes

[fix] Fix a bug in multiple storage backend support

There is still a bug with multiple storage backend support in Seahub. I have ENABLE_STORAGE_CLASSES = True and STORAGE_CLASS_MAPPING_POLICY = 'USER_SELECT' in seahub.conf but there is no way to define the backend while creating a new Library and the Backend Column in Library-View is still empty. See Screenshots.



Thank for reporting the issue. It will be fixed in the next release.

Thanks for the update.

Still getting many warnings in seahub_email_sender.log and file_updates_sender.log:
/home/seafile/seafile-pro-server-7.0.7/pro/python/SQLAlchemy-1.1.3-py2.7-linux-x86_64.egg/sqlalchemy/dialects/mysql/ Warning: (1287L, u"'@@tx_isolation' is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Please use '@@transaction_isolation' instead")

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We will look into the problem later.

We can’t reproduce the problem yet.

Thanks. Let me know if any additional debug steps would be helpful.

This is a recent upgrade from CE to Pro.

Obviously related to mySQL after version 5.7.20 (using 5.7.27 here on Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS)?

Fixed in a newer version of SQLAlchemy …

No clue what I’m doing here (no experience w/ Python) but I created an .egg from SQLAlchemy 1.1.18 (the last one ín the 1.1.x branch) and use that instead of the old one (keeping the 1.1.3 naming as there was another dependency I couldn’t find).

The log spamming has stopped now. Let’s wait for unwanted side effects but maybe @daniel.pan should just upgrade SQLAlchemy in 7.0.8?


I can confirm that, appears even if you start seafile server.

@marcusm @upD8R think this is a matter to wait for upgrade SQLAlchemy in seahub_thirdpart. In Raspberry Pi CE Version, this doesn’t happens since we are using SQLAlchemy 1.3.5.

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seems to have an UI bug, i cleaned the tmp cache and restarted memcached.
https:// imgur .dot. com/gDMlFZS

Thanks for your help.

I’m having problem with docker in pro edition, when I try to access library said access denied … I’m lost searching some configuration or value to fix that … If you want I can post picture about but is trying to access to any library in any user say access denied, even I can create new library successful but can’t access