Seafile Pro Edition 7.1.4 is ready!

This is a maintenance release with the following fixes and improvements:

  • [fix] Fix listing LDAP imported users when the number of users is greater than 500
  • [fix] Fix visiting folder share links with password and default path
  • Use preview-and-download as default permission when generating share links
  • Support selecting and downloading multiple files in a sharing link
  • Show share link expiration time in system admin
  • [multi-tenancy] Support sorting for users and libraries in organization admin panel
  • FUSE extension now support multiple storage backends
  • [fix] Fix file download links in public libraries
  • [fix] fix
  • Other UI improvements and fixes

Hello Daniel,

Since version 7.1.x there is no more generic install, only Ubuntu and CentOS versions.
To upgrade my Seafile pro which is installed on Debian, should I stick to the Ubuntu version ?
Thanks !

(I know, this might sound like a stupid question, but I would like to be sure…)

Good news!
May be toolbar absent in the web-interface of the read-only shared library also fixed?

@daniel.pan, seems the following bugs are not fixed:

Video thumbnails not working since 7.*:
ref. Fix video thumbnails generation #4469 (seahub github)

Internal Error: System-Administration -> Users -> {User} -> Groups
ref. seafile issues #2324
ref. seafile-server issue #340
ref. seahub issue #4450
A fix is provided in the comments there…

The PR only solve the front-end issue related to video generation. If the user doesn’t install the necessary libraries, it will generate errors in the server side.

Correctly installing the libraries in different platforms is not an easy task and sometimes causing high CPU usage issue. We don’t have a plan to add this feature back.

This is community edition only problem. We will solve the problem in 7.1.4 for CE.

HI, yes you should use the Ubuntu version, as i did for debian 10
Works fine

Hi @daniel.pan
There are still some issues on the ADMIN WEB UI catched on 7.13 version

Headers links in user view are not correct in FF/Chrome
LDAP / LDAP imported / Admin

flex-wrap: wrap; seems incorrect

@axstet. Thanks for pointing out those again. I think, that the devs already fixed it in the last CE seafile-server commits.

And I can confirm that it works nice since I compiled the seafile-server master branch last week for the rpi-version:

Good to know, @jobenvil. Must have missed that or screwed up compiling by myself.

Thank you !

May I ask what was fixed here: [fix] fix and what this script does at all?

You may! :wink:

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Hi @gauburtin,

The interface looks good in our testing server with French interface in Windows 10:



Can you send me an account in your server for testing?

In this case it would make sense to mark video thumbnails deprecated since 7.* in the Seafile manual (

Thanks @daniel.pan

It solved the issue and cleaned my old custom css :smiley:

Are there any change in the API ?
I upgraded from 7.0.10 to 7.1.4 without any problem.
However, if I perform a Get Organizations request I only get 25 of them when I should receive 40…
Any idea about what happens ?
And still no Max User Number

Exactly as documented at your link.

Request parameters

  • page (default 1)
  • per_page (default 25)

Thanks for the release !
I couldn’t wait for 7.1.4 because on another thread @Jonathan mentioned that this release would officially support migrating library from one storage backend to another. Any update on this ? Because I can’t figure out how to migrate a single library from a FS backend to another FS backend.

Link to the thread : forum.seafile .com/t/migrate-a-single-library-to-another-storage-backend/7821/7

hi, is there any reason why the seafile-pro docker file is still at 7.1.3? will it be also updated to match release 7.1.4 shortly?

We could not finish this feature in 7.1.4. It will be included in the next release.