Seafile Pro server 6.0 beta is ready for testing! Collabora Online (LibreOffice Online) integration, role based permission control and two factor authentication

Hi all,

Seafile Pro server 6.0 beta is ready for testing! There are four new features in this release.

1. Collabora Online (LibreOffice Online) integration

The Collabora online integration is finally ready. Now you can edit Microsoft office files and Libreoffice office files online in Seafile. Here is a screenshot:

2. Role based permission control

With this feature, you can define roles and assign a role to a user. This make permission/feature control more flexible.

As an example, you can define a new role “employee” to have all the feature enabled:

   'employee': {
        'can_add_repo': True,
        'can_add_group': True,
        'can_view_org': True,
        'can_use_global_address_book': True,
        'can_generate_share_link': True,
        'can_generate_upload_link': True,
        'can_invite_guest': True,
        'can_connect_with_android_clients': True,
        'can_connect_with_ios_clients': True,
        'can_connect_with_desktop_clients': True,

You can define a “guest” role as:

   'guest': {
        'can_add_repo': False,
        'can_add_group': False,
        'can_view_org': False,
        'can_use_global_address_book': False,
        'can_generate_share_link': False,
        'can_generate_upload_link': False,
        'can_invite_guest': False,
        'can_connect_with_android_clients': False,
        'can_connect_with_ios_clients': False,
        'can_connect_with_desktop_clients': False,

So the guest can’t create his/her own libraries and groups. He/She can’t use desktop/mobile clients too.

3. Two-factor authentication

This is a quite common feature nowadays. Seafile supports Google Authentication and text message currently.

4. Remote wipe

A user can unlink a device via the web interface. When unlink a desktop client, he/she will be asked an option to whether wipe the data on that desktop client. If the answer is yes, the data on that client will be deleted when the client connects the server.

Desktop client version 6.0 is needed to use this feature. The client will be released soon.

For mobile clients, the data is wiped by default when the device is unlinked.

Other pro features improvements

Other features in pro edition are also improved:

  • [Anti-virus] Support parallel scan
  • [Anti-virus] Add option to only scan a file with size less than xx MB
  • [Anti-virus] Add option to specific which file types to scan
  • [Anti-virus] Add scanning virus instantly when user upload files via upload link
  • [online preivew] Add printing style for doc/pdf
  • [online preivew] Warn user if online preview only show 50 pages for doc/pdf with more than 50 pages
  • [fix] Fix search only work on the first page of search result pages

Great! Can I migrate from 6.0.3 to 6.0 beta pro?


Yes, you can do the migration following our document on

first thanks for the great work on Seafile.
It is possible to translate the “Two-factor authentication” dialogs?

In my test enviroment Seafile and Collabora Online are behind a nginx, unfortunately i get a unexpected connection error. At the logs i can not find any anomalies.
Does anyone has the same constellation running and can give me advice.


will there be an option to prevent older clients (version < 6) to login/connect to seafile? only then this feature will work.


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Will Libreoffice Online integration be released to the community in the future?

There a plans for later versions: Seafile + LibreOffice online

Any news when Pro server 6.0 will be released?