Seafile Pro Server 7.1.4, fresh install, "Bad Request (400)" - Django problem?


spent my whole day trying to get Seafile Pro Server running on a fresh Ubuntu 20.04 install with nginx.

The browser redirects me successfully to https://<> but shows “Bad Request (400)”.
Nginx and Seafile seem to be successfully running, seahub is also running but I’m getting an error, which I think is the root to the problem.

Jun 07 22:30:59 python3[5016]: 2020-06-07 20:30:59,664 [ERROR] response_for_exception Invalid HTTP_HOST header: '\<>. The domain name provided is not valid according to RFC 1034/1035.

Does anyone have an idea, what to do about it? I tried changing my server address in ccnet.conf, and but nothing seems to fix the problem. :expressionless:

//EDIT 14.06.2020: removed space in the log, which is not there in the real log, as I am now allowed to post ‘links’ in the forum.

There is a space in the host header after the dot.
This is forbidden.

Have you been able to get it working? I’m having trouble finding a good installation guide for Seafile server on Ubuntu 20.04 that works without any issues. I have managed to install the pro server but it appears to be a mix of pro & nonpro features. The biggest problem right now is getting Android clients to upload/download files.

Here for the beginning and the section with nginx or apache.

The section with SQLite is outdated.

It’s there an alternative or update SQL guide?

@matteli Thx, but the space is due to a restriction of the forum software. It wouldn’t let me post it otherwise.
IRL there is no space in the log.

@m_elias no I was waiting if someone here would be able to give me a clue about that error. And in the meantime I am educating myself about docker. I was able to get seafile to run quite easily with docker, but the image is based on Ubuntu 18.04 and the included nginx is quite old, so I want to adapt the docker image myself.