Seafile Roadmap

The Official Roadmap promises seafile 7.0 in march, but I can’t see something specific like this in the commits. Is this still up to date? And why was the move to python3 removed?

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If you check the releases in seafile-server and seahub (e.g. you’ll see the releases for 7, I guess there’s still internal testing

The pro edition 7.0 can be tested now from the pro edition download folder.

There are some feedbacks regarding some issues of the 7.0.0 version. We will fix them first before announce the available of 7.0 version.

python3 is removed because it is not a feature.

When does the community edition 7.0 come?


The CE edition will be released after we fix issues reported in the pro edition to reduce redundant work.

But if you release a CE we can directly fix the issues and make PRs. I my opinion this would be a huge advantage. Just mark the CE as Alpha and for people with Dev experience. I don’t want to pick every part from Github.