Seafile (Seadroid) Client starts but is not working in background - Camera Upload fails

Hey there, I have a problem with SeaFile Client on Android (Honor 9, EMUI 8, Android 8). I could already bring the issue down to that SeaFile is not working properly in the background and I have to start manually the seafile client that the automatic camera upload starts.

Here is what I notice:
My system is running and I am taking images. The automatic camera upload is not working as long as I am not opening the app SeaFile. As soon as I open the SeaFile Client the automatic upload starts (only allowed for WiFi). After a certain time not using the SeaFile client the same problem appears.
Note: The automatic upload also starts if I restart my phone. But as long as I am not opening the SeaFile Client no images will be uploaded if they were taken after the restart.

This means to me that either SeaFile is closing after a certain amount of time or it isn’t checking for new images in the specific folder in the background.

The android settings are: SeaFile is allowed to store and change data, it has unlimited network access (only wifi acces within the SeaFile settings), Automatic start by system boot. Automatic sync for SeaFile user and all other Users is activated.

I have used OneDrive (Microsoft) before what I noticed with OneDrive is that the OneDrive Icon appeared every now and then for a short time to demonstrate it is checking for image updates. This seems to be not the case for the SeaFile Client.

I couldn’t find any related topics within this forum. However, I might have overseen it, so it would be a pleasure if you redirect me if this issue is already closed.


Hey there if anybody experiences any related problem. My problem is solved by a recent update of the mobile phone provider. Neither the client nor anything else related to my cloudsystem changed since then.

you have to allow the app to run in the background on your phone




As I wrote in my original post: this feature was and is activated. Thats why I first contacted this forum, I was sure every possible option from EMUI and Andoroid was activated to ensure the automatic upload. But over the duration of several weeks, it didn’t work. But since the automatic upload is now working after the latest (system, EMUI) update, the problem was from the mobile phone provider and not from seafile.

Once again the problem is solved, I just wanted to inform others, if they experience similar problems.