Seafile seahub progress on realtime backup server with docker

In the manual to setup a real time backup server it is mentioned that the seahub progress should not be running on the real time backup server.
Im running primary server with seafile pro with docker-compose. I am busy with the same setup as primary on a slave backup server and will be installing seafile also with the docker version.
My concern is how to deal with the seahub progress that should not be running as the docker-compose.yml starts all the images and basically have it running the same as the primary server?
Is there a more detailed setup guide for the real time backup server with the docker version of seafile please, or any additional steps that needs to be followed with the docker version to setup the real time backup.

Any help on this are greatly appreciated.

I’m in the same boat looking for a good backup scenario.

I’m playing around with a bash script that will run as root to try to facilitate a clean backup in the form of tarballs which could then be used with Duplicati or what have you. THIS HAS NOT BEEN TESTED SO I’M NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WHATEVER YOU DO WITH IT. THIS IS JUST AN IDEA!!!