Seafile/SeaLink plugin for Filelink option in Thunderbird 60 not working anymore


I’ve just upgraded Thunderbird from the latest v59 release to the new v60. Before I was using very frequently the Seafile/SeaLink plugin for Filelink in Thunderbird ( and I really love it. However, this plugin (not developed by Seafile them self) seams to be not compatible anymore with the new Thunderbird version 60. Unfortunately, there is no support anymore for this great plugin so I would expect that the former developers will not release a patch allowing to use the Seafile/SeaLink plugin in more recent versions of Thunderbird anymore. Very bad.

Is here anybody who has observed the same issue with the Seafile/SeaLink plugin in Thunderbird v60? Has anybody an idea how to fix the compatibility problem in TB v60 besides reprogramming the plugin?

After upgrading from TB 59 -> TB 60 I’ve seen the message that the plugin will be stopped after restarting TB. This issue disappeared when I change “extensions.strictCompatibility” from true to false in “about:config”. However, the Seafile/SeaLink plugin still does not work. Next, I’ve reinstalled the plugin (the seafile_for_filelink-0.10.1-tb.xpi file) but when I’ve tried to add the plugin using the attachment/filelink dialog in TB the Seafile/SeaLink option does not pop up.

Any ideas or comments regarding Seafile/SeaLink for Thunderbird?


This was completely expectable. I think you’ve heard about the new API for the Quantum engine in Firefox, Thunderbird uses Quantum, too. The old extensions don’t work anymore, someone have to rewrite them.

Yes, I agree. This issue with the new UI in TB 60 will be the problem. However, all other TB plugins I’ve currently using are still working in TB 60 so I was hoping that as well the Seafile/SeaLink plugin for Filelink in Thunderbird would do still its job. Indeed, this great plugin is really listed after installation under the plugin table - but does not show up when I try to configure it as Filelink option.

I fear, I will go on still using TB 59 at least on one of my machines so I’m still be able to use the great and very useful Seafile/SeaLink plugin for Filelink.

Or is here somebody with a better idea what to do with Seafile/SeaLink plugin for Filelink under TB 60?


You have to rewrite it. Or maybe there is a thunderbird fork like waterfox for firefox, where you can use the new version with old addons.

I created a new thunderbird seafile extension. It is available in the addons store of Thunderbird. This addon is still experimental !
Since I just created my account here, I cant insert a link in a new post.

Great! Thanks a lot for taking care of this problem! I think that is really a lot of Seafile users out there who also use Thunderbird. The corresponding plugin from NextCloud for Thunderbird runs very well, so that a similar plugin for Thunderbird is very important for this community, which unfortunately does not exist or has only limited functionality.

Unfortunately, I have not yet managed to get your new plugin to run. I use Thunderbird in the current version in a portable installation. I can configure my Seafile server after installing your plugin in Thunderbird, but when I leave this dialog and open it again, the data I entered regarding my Seafile server is no longer available. Too bad. But very great if you could continue working on this plugin! Unfortunately I don’t have the necessary knowledge to program something like this myself.


Thanks for your feedback !
I answer you in this post: New Thunderbird Seafile extension