Seafile Security

Dear Community ,

I have configured Seafile server on Centos 7 and it is working perfectly but I am thinking about it’s security. I know Nginix is secure and configured SSL but what I need to do from Centos end Like Firewall service is running and Selinux is in permissive mode. Should I need to patches every-month or any update available on Centos 7 ?

I really appreciate if anyone guide me How I can improve or tighten security from Centos OS end.

Please help me. Thanks in advance.

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I think there are quite some good steps, although I recommend to think about each of them and if they are valuable for you. E.g. I’m the only one accessing my servers and do that as root. I don’t see many advantages of using sudo instead. Also they enable password expiry, I wouldn’t do that.

Btw. there are many resources available. Just google for “centos hardening”. Above was the first result, the second result is Most likely there is some overlapping, but I’d recommend to see what people do and WHY they do it and apply those measures you think are valuable. It could also be worth to note them down in case you want to harden another system later on.

And one more tip: Be careful. Some things might harden your server but can also break thinks that are currently running. Especially as a beginner it can be hard and time consuming to find the cause and fix it.


Thanks a lot Sir, let me check