Seafile Server 6.1.2 - Sidebar issue

Since 6.1.2 the sidebar appears and covers the right side of the screen including the top bar right side menu.
This bar does not disappear until going back to the overview and refreshing the whole page.

In 6.1.1 this problem did not exist. Clearing server and browser cache did not help. Our CSS should not affect this behavior as we’re just changing colors.

@daniel.pan @xiez Any thoughts from your side?

How does the sidebar appear? Does it appear when you entering a sub-folder?

When I enter a library or subfolder. But the bar already appears when entering a lib.

Hi DerDanilo,

i have the same problem with a custom css file. I use the css from focm. (pls see)

@daniel.pan @xiez

Please provide an official CSS file that the community can use to customize the colors. Since you write the CSS files this should not take to long. :slight_smile:

Solution to this problem
Can you please add 3-4 color fields in the admin settings panel where one can specify the CSS color codes and the Seafile server applies them on restart. This would simplify everything so much.

Please add this feature to the 6.2 release. As FASTCGI will be removed also this might be a good plus for users to upgrade and go through the effort of changing the server configs.

Here is an example how it’s implemented in Nextcloud. Personally I think that entering one color is not enough, as there are several colors for hovering, selecting etc.


Customize css via web interface will be added in version 6.3.



setting “width:320px;” in “.right-side-panel” helped me.


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This totally fixed it.

I really hope that there will be more improvements to the Seafile GUI coming with 6.3.
The usability is sometimes not self explaining. e.g. Buttons should change when “hovered”.